Which World to Join?

Rising Phoenix has established itself on many worlds since the 1990s.
Some have folded - some still going strong and some in-between.
If you see a world you would like to be part of - just /tell someone from the family for an invite.
If you are in a world and wish to be added to the list below, just email me to be added.

# 1991-97 - >Neverwinter Nights (AOL) LEADER:Karninaga Yashida
# 1996 - >The Realm LEADER:KWICUnitsi "Uni" Join Discord
# 1996 - >Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands LEADER:Terran
# 1997 - >Ultima Online Terran Join Discord
# 1999 - >Everquest 1 (Cazic Thule)LEADER: Sawl Join Discord
# 2001 - >Anarchy Online (RK-1)LEADER:Refixit Join Discord
# 2001 - >DAoC (Percival) Join Discord
# 2003 - >Eve Online (Tranqulity) Join Discord
# 2003 - >Star Wars Galaxies LEADER:Terran Join Discord
# 2004 - >CoH/V (Justice Server)LEADER:Dark Rapture Join Discord
# 2004 - >Everquest 2 (Skyfire) LEADER:Domina Join Discord
# 2006 - >DDO (Sarlona)LEADER: Nikkita
# 2007 - >Lord of the Rings (Arkenstone)LEADER: Unitsi
# 2007 - >Lord of the Rings (Imarlias) LEADER:Belaedrys
# 2008 - >Age of Conan (Set Server)
# 2008 - >Aion (Zikel Server)
# 2008 - >Atlantica (Delphi Server)LEADER:Ozniz
# 2008 - >Warhammer Online (Volkmar)LEADER:Chikes
# 2010 - >Final Fantasy XIV (Saronia Server)LEADER:Deanna
# 2010 - >Star Trek Online LEADER:Solo
# 2011 - >Star Wars, The Old Repbulic - Republic Side (Server Ebon Hawk) LEADER:Domina
# 2011 - >Star Wars, The Old Repbulic - Empire Side (Server Ebon Hawk) LEADER:Domina
# 2011 - >Rift Guardians (Greybiar)LEADER:Hanna
# 2012 - >The Secret World (Cerberus Server - We are DRAGON Cabal) LEADER:Unitsi "Uni"
# 2011 - >Rift Defiant (Wolfbane)LEADER:Lohqy
# 2012 - >Guild Wars 2 (Yaks Bend) LEADER:Unitsi "Uni"
# 2012 - >World of Tanks - 1st Battlion LEADER: Fatz
# 2013 - > Neverwinter (Mindflayer) LEADER: Peren
# 2013 - >FF XIV ARR (Ultros Server) LEADER: Aeloriel Autumnleaf
# 2014 - >Elder Scrolls Online Leader: Domina Trix
# 2014 - >Star Citizen LEADER:Domina
# 2016 - >Black Desert Online LEADER:Domina
# 2017 - >The Secret World - Legends LEADER:Domina
# 2017 - >Fantasy Grounds just download the Free Demo to join in Marty's world . Seeking applicants to join this Pen and Paper Online style gaming - contact Marty or Keith to set up a chat / interview
# 2018 - >Crowfall LEADER:Unitsi "Uni" Join Discord
# 2018 - >Bless (Habicht)LEADER:Domina
# 2019 - >Dual Universe LEADER:Zaxas
# 2021 - >Black Desert Online Remastered LEADER:SoloSolon
# 2021 - >New World (Orofena server) LEADER:Domina
# 2022 - >Lost Ark (Ladon server) LEADER:Domina

We are on many worlds! Look us up! Wish to join in on any - email the Leader's link and set up a date and time for invite.

We have Leaders for each of our splinter worlds that we are on.
We encourage folks to make Rising Phoenix on new worlds coming out.
Once Rising Phoenix is made on any world, let Unitsi know so she can create Forums and setup Ventrilo Channels for you.
If you go the path of creating your own VOIP and Forums site, let Unitsi know, so she can add it to the main hub of information off RPGE.NET
We do not govern your worlds and leave it up to the Leader to resolve conflicts that may arise in each household.
There will be times that Domina and Unitsi may get involved if an individual contacts us directly, in that case, Domina will be the mediator of said conflict.
We have a set of Core Values that leaders of each house with the Rising Phoenix name users will abide by.
We do not normally get involved in how a leader runs their house.
Some have a Council under them they refer to if an incident arises to come up with a solution.
Others are Leader only and their word is law.
Before anyone joins one of our houses, you should ask what the guild structure is to see if it fits your play style.