Our Basic Guidelines

We ask our members to follow these guidelines in order to maintain an enjoyable place to play.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email an officer. We appreciate everyone's help!
All membership will be granted full access to the Forums section of the boards once they have registered with the boards and is approved.
Our Charter can be found here: Charter

Our Code of Conduct/Rules can be found here:

Code of Conduct:

1) Act with Honor at all times. Once you accept to wear our name “Rising Phoenix” over your head, your actions are no longer your own. You now represent this family as a whole. Your actions become our actions and our actions become yours. As always, how you act in reflects on every member in this Family. It is our Reputation. So act with honor.

2) We have a nice group of people in our community - we do not approve of rude or mean behavior. Anyone that threatens, harasses or uses any inappropriate behavior either in chat or directed toward another player via IM's may be asked to leave. If you have a situation to report please include screen shots for our investigation; both parties will be included in the questioning and a resolution will be sought before action is taken. Just remember that there are all different kinds of people that play online games and personalities may clash...please consider consulting an officer if you need a mediator to resolve issues.

3) Need Before Greed. You will find that our family is very giving and generous. If you abuse this, you will be warned and then removed from the family, if this behavioral continues. If you need something, ask. The Auction House can be used to give great items to the Family. Items can be put on the auction house for Members only.

4) Foul language in chat is not condoned. We have younger members in the family and, and also parents that play with their children. Please also keep foul language down in Ventrilo; again we have younger members that join us in the channels.

5) Also please note that any racial slurs or sexist comments of any kind will NOT be tolerated. We want this family to feel like a home to all of our members and any violation of this rule will be dealt with severely.

6) Bot program use will not be tolerated. Per the End User License Agreement (EULA). Any bot program use is not allowed; any member that has been caught using Bots will be automatically kicked out of the guild - no questions asked.

7) Members are not to sell accounts, gold or in-game items for actual cash to another member or player. Selling anything for real life cash is against the EULA rules.


1) We will be a casual raiding guild raiding two times a week. Our raiding days are currently Mon/Tues. and Sun. Our raiding rules of conduct and raid start times are announced in the corresponding threads.

2) If you wish to raid more than two days a week set it up yourself. You will be held accountable for following the raiding rules of conduct if you run a raid. If you set up an additional raid day make sure it is not content that we already have planned for raiding that week.


1) Once your board registration is accepted, you will become a Member and gain access to the Members Section.

Since LOTRO and DDO only offers four rankings (Leader, Officers, Members, and Recruits) We are limited on our ranking system.

*Leader - reserved for one person - the leader of the kinship, which is Domina

*Officers - Promoted by the Leader. Have to be active and agreed upon by the other Officers.

*Members - Promoted to Member once they have updated their NOTE. This is found under the Kinship Tab, at the bottom and been in the kinship for a period of 14+ days.

*Recruits - All persons that join the family and folks that been offline for more than 100+ days. All NEW recruits will be on a "Get To Know" period of 14 days before being promoted to member.

2) You may have the opportunity to be promoted to Officer. we have a 14 day period is to help introduce you to the Family and to see if you are right for us, and that we are right for you. This Family is not for everyone. 14 days is a good timeframe to establish a strong bonding relationship within the family.

3) Officer Ranking will allow you to recruit others into the family. To become a Recruiting Officer, please let an Officer know via email or by posting here.

4) Officer rank within the game does NOT grant you access to the Officer Section of the Message Boards. If you are appointed as an Officer, then you will be given a password to access the Officer section.

5) Removal of characters from the family will occur only when we reach our max member load and need to make room for new blood.

6) To avoid being demoted to recruit, simply make sure you log on your characters to reset the days.

7) Alts are welcomed - in-game under "Update Notes" - just please put who you are an Alt of for ease of roster maintenance.