We have a dedicated VOIP (Voice Over IP) Server up and running 24 / 7.

Join others that enjoy chatting while playing.

This is required for Raids on some of the worlds we are on.
You do not need a mic to chat back, but it is required so you can hear the Raid Leader.
Be sure to ask.

Ventrilo Information

Can be accessed ~
Address: vent64.light-speed.com
Port: 15251
Number of slots: 25
Location: US Central

If you need to download the Ventrilo client .. click here
Ventrilo Client DOWNLOAD

See Who Is Online

ventrilo Hosting by InstantVentrilo.com

Adds / Corrections

If you see a world that needs to be added to the server channels, just let me know.

Any corrections you see, this I'd like to know as well.

Hello Family,
I wanted to share with you a new Voice Over IP (VOIP) to use instead of Ventrilo.
It is a nice setup.
Go to your search engine and type in “Discord” or click here
Download Discord
Download and create user account.
Once that is done – you should be able to move to any rooms on the left hand side.

Hope to hear you soon.
Yours In Service,
Unitsi Phoenix