We have dedicated VOIP (Voice Over IP) Servers up and running 24 / 7.

We use Discord and Ventrilo. Links to both are below.
Join others that enjoy chatting while playing.

This is required for Raids on some of the worlds we are on.
You do not need a mic to chat back, but it is required so you can hear the Raid Leader.
Be sure to ask.

Adds / Corrections

If you see a world that needs to be added to the server channels, just let me know.
Any corrections you see, this I'd like to know as well.

Hello Family,
I wanted to share with you a new Voice Over IP (VOIP) to use.
It is a nice setup.
Go to your search engine and type in “Discord” or click here
Download Discord
Download and create user account.
Once that is done – you should be able to move to any rooms on the left hand side.

Hope to hear you soon.
Yours In Service,
Unitsi Phoenix

Ventrilo Information

Can be accessed ~
Address: vent64.light-speed.com
Port: 15251
Number of slots: 25
Location: US Central

If you need to download the Ventrilo client .. click here
Ventrilo Client DOWNLOAD

See Who Is Online

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