D&D Books

Players Handbook Core Rulebook v3.5 Rare NEW2886-61$180.00
Book of Exalted Deeds v3.5 Hardcover Rare NEW3136-11$70.00
>Exalted Deeds - Peripheral Essence Beads w/bag NEW72441$7.00
Complete Arcane v3.5 Hardcover NEW3435-51$40.00
Monster Manual 4th Edition NEW4852-91$35.00
Players Handbook 4th Edition NEW4867-31$35.00
Dungeon Master's Guide 4th Edition NEW4880-21$35.00
Adventurer's Vault NEW4975-62$30.00/ea
Player's Handbook 2 4th Edition NEW5016-41$40.00
Monster Manual 2 4th Edition NEW5101-73$35.00/ea
D&D Adventure: Into the ShadowhauntDD 1$30.00

White Wolf Books

Werewolf The Forsaken NEW3241r2$35.00/ea
Monte Cook's World of Darkness NEW46751$40.00

Battletech Book

Technical Readout 3055 (Revised)NEW30551$45.00

Misc Products

2006 D&D Miniatures Game Starter Set NEW RARE0-7869-3886-21$90.00
2005 D&D Three Dragon Anti Card Game NEW RARE407212$40.00/ea
Privateer Press - Internal Contraption 2 - Sabotage! NEW600021$9.00
Confrontation Ysis, the Viper of the Desert NEW701$28.00
Chess Game - Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End Chess Collector's Edition NEW42061$85